At SAFUAN GROUP we have a real opportunity to make a difference. We know there is always more that we can do and we are truly committed to making adjustments to our business to achieve this and I believe that the good progress that we have made in the previous years is indeed a testament of the group`s ability and credibility towards its commitment.

The SAFUAN GROUP had its humble beginnings since 1965, as a construction company. Through what was sawn we have expanded our business over the years to become one of Malaysia’s dynamic conglomerates in handling a wide range of products and services, ranging from real estates & property development, land & sea reclamation, plantation to hospitality business. We have also diversified into new scope of business from aviation, plantation & biomass, broadcasting, and oil & gas.

Our aim at SAFUAN GROUP is to create a value-based business that our customers, investors and business partners can be proud of and can rely on. We take our responsibility to our shareholders very seriously. Our belief is that we maximize shareholder's value by maintaining a long-term focus and serving our niche markets on delivering the most relevant information effectively that will create added value in all aspects for our clients or consumers.

Indeed, the Company has been focusing on performance through diversified business, which certainly improves returns from the investments. While the Group encompasses a wide scope of businesses, we at the same time must not forget that another part of being successful is also about fulfilling our social responsibilities, making our company more responsive, more flexible and more open to society's expectations in accordance with corporate governance.

I am grateful by the positive response by the Malaysian Government and my foreign affiliates who have inspired Safuan Group to take that journey into international business globally.


With these words, I look forward to greater heights and a more prominent future!



     Almarhum Tan Sri Dato' Sri Matshah Safuan