The Group continues its growth as a conglomerate in real estate leading large-scale developments. 

In 1978, Safuan Group was reengineered to become a holding company with establishment of their primary base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Subsequently in 2014 Safuan Group Holdings Berhad is incorporated to maintain the domestic endeavours, whereas Safuan Group International Limited fixates the International horizon. 

Safuan Group aim to provide a professional style of entrepreneurship and good business acumen forged from experiences, hard work and persistence along with good ethics. 

With a continuous expansion to its business activities, the Group aspires to change and respond to government initiations accentuate on strengthening its presence nationwide.

Today Safuan Group has secured a strong foothold in Malaysia`s development sector internationally. Along with an outlook focus on absorption of the same trade to gain sufficient experience for future ventures.

Over the years, through determination, hard work and wisdom, Safuan Group have consolidated and strengthened by cohesive teamwork and sound management continuously to improve the spirit of entrepreneurship in lateral with a strong vision to succeed.